Personal Coaching

Many of us want more but we aren’t sure how to achieve it.  All great athletes work with a coach to realize their full potential and excellence.  Let us be your personal accountability partner and achieve all your heart desires.

Professional Coaching

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your career goals slip by year after year.  Perhaps, you know what you want but all you see are hurdles and obstacles.  Let us help you change your professional narrative by working together to ensure you realize the many possibilities and opportunities.



Books should represent all people and all experiences.  At Excelovate, we promote and publish diverse stories that help people and enrich lives.  If you are a writer with a powerful story to tell, we offer full-service publishing. For avid readers looking to diversify their bookshelves, you’ve come to the right place – try one of our playful children’s books like These Hands or our groundbreaking and thought-provoking anthology, Trailblasian.

Mobile Apps

Got an app idea and not sure how to take it from thought to reality.  We can help you get your vision off the ground.  As the creators of diverse mobile apps such as Rac Attack, Candy Rasta and Feedback is a Gift (FIAG), we provide you with expert counsel on how best to get started.


Black Arts & Innovation Expo (BAIE)

An annual event that celebrates excellence in Canada by promoting local artists and innovators.  The Black Arts and Innovation Expo awards scholarships and business grants to Canadians with big dreams and boundless aspirations.

Motivational Speakers

We have a roster of talented speakers that can be booked for special events.  These experts have considerable knowledge and our team includes: hands-on business executives, creative entrepreneurs and community vanguards.  Invite us to bring a wealth of expertise to your Town Halls, Annual Employee Meetings or Team Building events.