• An accomplishment for most people is being really good at one thing. For Savannah McDougall, being able to master ONLY one thing... was a sign of failure. Savannah quickly learns that success doesn't come easy and it takes a lot more than a dream to achieve her goals. Join Savannah on her journey as she discovers that amazing things can happen - even when life DOESN'T go your way.
  • Free Things for all Canadians (Signed Collector Edition) Whether you are broke and bothered OR balling and blinging - we all love free things! This amazing book of freebies will blow your mind and leave you asking, why have I been wasting my money on things I could get for free? Get da ultimate hookup on items such as scholarships, grants, food, event tickets, training, computer courses, legal help and money for single moms! If you want to earn more, save more and enjoy more - get Da Ultimate Hookup today.
  • Asia's political power and economic influence is on the rise internationally, but it's not the usual suspects that are making their mark, getting to know the people, building lives and building bridges of cultural understanding on the global stage. Find out why 17 women of color decided to get out of the rat race, off the beaten path and blaze a new trail in East Asia. These courageous women are the first to share their unvarnished stories in their own words.
  • Join your new pal Miles and see what he's been up to with his awesome hands. Miles uses his hands for super-fun activities and he has one question for kids all around the world... Are your hands as fun as these hands?
  • String and Grips is a beautifully-illustrated and informative introduction to the game of tennis. Kids 4-9 will enjoy learning how strings and grips work together with the ball to make tennis such a fun game! If you've ever wondered about the white lines on the tennis court... or how to keep score in a tennis match, Strings and Grips will solve the mystery for kids of all ages. Parents and coaches will also find Strings and Grips to be an exceptional learning tool as children are introduced to Tennis, the sport of a lifetime.
  • K Dawg

    Twelve year old Kai Chang is the first generation within his immediate family to be born outside of China.  Sometimes, he feels like an outsider in his own home.  The situation at school is not THAT different because there is one thing that sets him apart from his classmates, a wheelchair.  Most of the class thinks Kai must be sick, weird… or a little bit of both.  When shy, soft spoken Kai shares his lifelong dreams with his classmates, he leaves everyone in shock!  Kai challenges his fellow students to think about ALL the possibilities we have within reach when we dream big.
  • Freshy

    Something is NOT right in the tiny suburb of Willowcreek Pines. To be more specific, it downright stinks! Luckily for all of us, four local boys are on the case and they will not rest until the foul mystery is solved. But until then, let us welcome you to Willowcreek Pines – we hope you find your visit refreshing.
  • After decades of clamming in the creek and farming the sandy fields of Little River Neck, South Carolina, Odrick Vaught has a gift that is ready to be shared with the world. It's been over 45 years since he took his last breath but the "ex-slave" continues to pique interest and command our attention. In 1968, Mr. Odrick Vaught was considered by many to be the oldest man in the United States of America. Exactly, how old was he? His response to this popular question was always rewarded with a big smile and the simple phrase "I is old!" Was he really 123 years old at his death? What kept him so alive so long? After years of speaking with relatives, combing through interviews and mining countless archives, Joyce Robinson has finally solved the mystery. She confidently reveals Uncle Odrick's SEVEN SECRETS to living a long, healthy and fulfilled life. These insightful teachings are based on his wisdom, experience, tribulations and celebrations. They come from his life, his heart, and the beautiful fields of South Carolina. From his fields to your future.
  • Have you ever been bullied? Do you know what to do if a stranger approaches you? How would you feel about a new baby joining your family? Join Marcus and Calley, two street-smart city kids who know how to handle themselves in a lot of situations. Marcus and Calley's stories deal with real issues that impact kids around the globe. Their easy to remember rhymes will provide you with tools and skills to succeed with family, friends, school and life.