Thinking of writing a book but not sure where to begin.  Spend one hour with us to learn about the publishing journey and what is required to succeed as an author in the competitive world of writing.

So your manuscript is ready and now you need a publisher to help transform your creation into a real live book.  Exciting times are ahead!  Let us help you bring your book to life and assist you tips and techniques on how best to market your book so it gets in as many hands as possible.

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Excelovate creates productivity and gaming apps for a variety of platforms.  We help you transform simple ideas into successful solution that are enjoyed worldwide.  Got an App idea and want some help moving it forward, give us a call.

Candy Rasta is a friendly Jamaican that loves sweet treats. His love for candies is not in line with the typical healthy (ital) lifestyle of Rastafarians.

A free coaching tool for leaders, managers and mentors for 1:1 meetings. Leveraging this tool will enable meaningful and impactful goal-focused conversations. FIAG adds structure and ensures that everyone involved always knows where things stand.

A fun and simple tennis game with multiple avatars… and some very famous coaches. Show off your tennis skills on many different court surfaces around the world. The controls are very intuitive and easy to learn… playing tennis has never been more fun!